Chichifoofoo® Recipes

Travel Cake

Vanilla Matcha Pound Cake Ingredients 100 grams Butter 100 grams Granulated sugar 2 eggs 100 grams All-purpose flour 5 grams Baking powder 3 grams Vanilla extract 5 grams  or 1 teaspoon Matcha powder “Green tea” 2 Tablespoons Whole milk Yield 8-10 muffing cups or 6” cake ring Preparation [...]

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Chocolate Pot de Creme, Banana Flambé

Chocolate Pot de Crème Ingredients 150 grams Whole milk 125 grams Heavy cream 25 grams Granulated sugar 2 each Egg yolks ¼ Vanilla bean or 3 grams vanilla extract 130 grams Dark chocolate Yield 5 mason jars Preparation Place your chopped chocolate on a stainless bowl over a [...]

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Greek Yogurt Cake with Wine Plum Sauce

Greek Yogurt Cake Ingredients 45 grams Nonfat Greek yogurt 100 grams Granulated sugar 1 egg 100 grams All-purpose flour 6 grams Baking power 42 grams Vegetable oil 3  grams Vanilla extract Yield 5-6 small cakes Preparation Place all ingredients into Ninja or Blender. Shake if using the Ninja [...]

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