Chef Thierry Delourneaux Chichifoofoo Greek Yogurt Cake with Wine Plum Sauce

Greek Yogurt Cake


45 grams Nonfat Greek yogurt
100 grams Granulated sugar
1 egg
100 grams All-purpose flour
6 grams Baking power
42 grams Vegetable oil
3  grams Vanilla extract


5-6 small cakes


Place all ingredients into Ninja or Blender.
Shake if using the Ninja before mixing it.
Mix for 30 seconds, open and stir with a rubber spatula.
Closed the top and mix for another 40 seconds.
The mixture should be very smooth and a little liquid.
Bake into a butter small non-stick Tart pan at 180°C/350°F for 15 minutes or until golden brown.
If you are using a cake mixer place all ingredients into a bowl and mix for 5 minutes.

Wine Plum Sauce


300 grams Red Wine
25 grams Granulated sugar
100 grams Diced dried plum


Using a small sauce pan over medium heat and cook all ingredients 20-25 minutes to obtain a thick sauce.
Remove from heat and place on a small bowl under ice water to stop the cooking.
Cover the top with a plastic wrap  and make sure it touches the top of the sauce so it doesn’t develop a skin.


Brush your plate with some of the wine plum sauce.
Place a small amount of the Greek yogurt onto the plate to avoid the cake to slide.
Cut the cake into 2 pieces and place it as shown on the video
Add more of the Greek yogurt and wine plum sauce.
Finish by adding some lime zest and fresh mint leaf for the decoration.

Please take pictures of the finished product and post it on Instagram tagging ‘@chichifoofoo_official‘ and then enjoy your creation!