Chef Thierry Delourneaux Chichifoofoo Dark Chocolate Mousse

Dark Chocolate Mousse


180 grams 64% Dark Chocolate
65 grams Regular sugar
30 grams Water
65 grams Egg yolks
4 grams Gelatin sheets
500 grams Heavy cream


Make a syrup with the sugar and water to 118ºC.
Pour over the egg yolks slightly beaten to make a pate a bombe using an electric mixer on high speed.
Place chocolate on a stainless bowl over a water batch method. Stir until chocolate is melted.
Bring to a boil 1/3 of the heavy cream, add bloomed gelatin and mix well.
Pour heavy cream mixture into melted chocolate.
Add the pate a bombe to chocolate mixture.
Finish by adding the remaining soft whipped cream. Fold delicately
Pour mousse into small glasses.

Please take pictures of the finished product and post it on Instagram tagging ‘@chichifoofoo_official‘ and then enjoy your creation!