Chocolate Ganache

150 grams Heavy cream
3 grams Vanilla extract
45 grams Sugar
45 grams Glucose syrup
150 grams Dark chocolate couverture
45 grams Butter


Bring to boil whipping cream, glucose, sugar and vanilla.  Start the emulsion by pouring over gradually the hot liquid over melted chocolate. Mix at the center with a rubber spatula to create a shiny and classic core. This texture should be kept to the end of mixing. Let cool to 35/37°C, add the diced butter and process with a blender. Cover the top with a plastic wrap and make sure it touches the top of the ganache so it doesn’t develop a skin. Leave to crystallize for a few hours or overnight on the kitchen counter.

Please take pictures of the finished product and post it on Instagram tagging ‘@chichifoofoo_official‘ and then enjoy your creation!