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Chichifoofoo® Baking Masterclass with

Executive Pastry Chef Thierry Delourneaux

Chef Thierry Delourneaux - Chichifoofoo

A consummate pastry expert with years of culinary experience, Chef Thierry’s passion for all things sweet started at a young age when he decided to pursue a Pastry Apprenticeship in his hometown on the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe.

Following his pastry apprenticeship, Chef Thierry moved to Paris to pursue his Master’s in Pastry while working at the Chamarre Patisserie boutique.

Chef Thierry’s innovative confections then led him to Canada where he worked at the renowned Lenotre Patisserie in Montreal and opened two new patisserie boutiques with Patachou Patisseries in Toronto.

Looking to expand his experience, Chef Thierry gained further international exposure working with some of the most prestigious hotel brands in the world including:

  • Ritz-Carlton, Virginia, USA
  • The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, USA
  • Grand Del Mar, San Diego, USA
  • The Greenbrier, West Virginia, USA
  • Fairmont Singapore, Singapore, Asia
  • Fairmont South Hampton, Bermuda
  • The Rainbow Room, New York City, USA
  • St. Regis, Washington DC, USA
  • Waldorf Astoria, Arizona, USA

In his worldwide experience, Chef Thierry has prepared Chichifoofoo pastries for many international events including Formula 1 events, Golden Globe Awards, Major Golf Tournaments, and Private Celebrity events.

Chef Thierry has also been invited and appeared on several international TV shows, food magazines, radio shows, and won prestigious industry awards.

Now, Chef Thierry is bringing that worldwide experience and passion to you in his brand new Chichifoofoo Baking Masterclass!

“I have decided to share my extensive culinary experience shaped by my French Caribbean background in the comfort of your home where you will learn the fine art of pastry making with your friends and family.  Most of all, I would love the opportunity to share my baking passion with you.”

Chef Thierry Delourneaux

Who is this for?

For you and four to seven of your closest family & friends!

Where is the Masterclass held?

Chef Thierry brings the Chichifoofoo Baking Masterclass experience into your home where you can be comfortable, learn creative and artful baking skills, and have fun at the same time!

Chef Thierry is Booking his Chichifoofoo Baking Masterclasses in the Greater Phoenix Arizona area.

If you live outside the Greater Phoenix Arizona area, please contact Chef Thierry below to discuss your specific Booking requirements.


A mutually acceptable day and time to be determined during your Booking.

Note: All Bookings must be made at least 2 weeks in advance. ​

What is included?

Chef Thierry will provide:

  • All utensils and ingredients required to guide you and your friends and family through an unforgettable Two hour Step-by-Step Baking Masterclass experience
  • Prosecco or a non-alcoholic beverage to accompany your dessert
  • Chichifoofoo® T-shirt for all participants
  • Choose from one of the following desserts:
    • Traditional Tiramisu in a Glass, Layers of Espresso Soaked Lady Fingers, Mascarpone Cream
    • Dark Chocolate Soufflé, Creme Anglaise
    • Macaroons
    • Molten Chocolate Cake, Wine Berries Sauce, Vanilla Chantilly
    • Old Fashioned Dark Chocolate Truffles
    • Lemon Green Tea Pound Cake, Citrus Glaze
    • Dessert of your choice
Chef Thierry Delourneaux - Chichifoofoo - Baking Masterclass - Tiramisu
Chef Thierry Delourneaux - Chichifoofoo - Baking Masterclass - Molten Cake
Chef Thierry Delourneaux Chichifoofoo Golden Macaron
Chef Thierry Delourneaux - Chichifoofoo - Baking Masterclass - Old Fashioned Dark Chocolate Truffles
Chef Thierry Delourneaux - Chichifoofoo - Baking Masterclass - Lemon Green Tea Pound Cake, Citrus Glaze

Note: In respect of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic social gathering restrictions, we take necessary precautions to keep everyone safe during your Baking Masterclass.


From $97 US / person

Testimonials From Previous Clients

Renard International celebrating its 50th Anniversary was so pleased and honored to have Executive Chef Thierry Delourneaux be our special guest during our Holiday Zoom Party!

Chef Thierry delighted us by showing us how to make two fabulous desserts. They were:

  • Moelleux Chocolate Cake, Chantilly Cream with Candy Peppermint (A mouthwatering molten lava cake!)
  • Chocolate Vegan Panna Cotta, Oatmeal Coconut Granola

Both desserts looked simple to make and Chef Thierry made it seem so easy.

Chef Thierry whom I have known for the past 15 years has grown into a force to be reckoned with in the culinary world of pastry and now even in high-end fine dining cuisine.

We thank Chef Thierry for taking time out of his busy schedule to demonstrate to us his passion for his craft and what he does best… culinary delights to wow his guests!

We wish Chef Thierry all the very best on his culinary journey and thank him once again for being our guest.

For more details on Chef Thierry feel free to contact me at

Sylvia Menezes, Director of Worldwide Recruitment, Renard International

We had a wonderful time with Chef Thierry (Chichifoofoo) during his soufflé class at the St Regis Washington DC.

We absolutely loved his soufflé experience.

He has a wonderfully genuine, unintimidating style that brings fun to mixing a fastidious dish.

Can’t think of a more immersive, educational and unintimidating experience!

Lisa & Brian Taylor

We had a private Thanksgiving dinner and Thierry was our pastry chef.

It was a deconstructed pumpkin pie and was the BEST dessert we ever had (also, the fanciest!).

He assisted Chef Jaynes along with two staff members who all made the event unforgettable.

They followed COVID guidelines and cleaned up afterward, too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sophi Harter

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