Greek Yogurt Cake with Wine Plum Sauce

Greek Yogurt Cake Ingredients 45 grams Nonfat Greek yogurt 100 grams Granulated sugar 1 egg 100 grams All-purpose flour 6 grams Baking power 42 grams Vegetable oil 3  grams Vanilla extract Yield 5-6 small cakes Preparation Place all ingredients into Ninja or Blender. Shake if using the Ninja before mixing it. Mix for [...]

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Chilled Cantaloupe Lime Soup

Chilled Cantaloupe Lime Soup Ingredients  450 grams Diced Cantaloupe 150 grams Granulated sugar 500 grams Whole milk 7 grams Fresh ginger zest 1 Lime Zest 15 grams Lime Juice Fresh mint leaves Yield 4 glasses Preparation  Peel cantaloupe and diced into cube about 1/2" to obtain 450g. Keep remaining cantaloupe for the decoration. [...]

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Moelleux Chocolate Cake

Moelleux Chocolate Cake Ingredients  60 grams Dark chocolate 60 grams Butter 60 grams Granulated sugar 32 grams Flour 2 Eggs 1/4  teaspoon Vanilla extract 1 pinch Tajin spice (if desired) Yield 5 small cakes Preparation  Melt butter and chocolate into microwave for 50 seconds, mix well. Add sugar and mix for 1 minute. Add [...]

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